Fox News Disregards own Text Message Polls

Thomas G. Brown |

I watched the debate tonight hosted by Fox News from New Hampshire and afterwards took part in their text message voting process. Dr. Paul as in the last debate started out in first place. The first response was Sean Hannity stating “oh god here we go again” referring to the lead Dr. Paul had and his close second place finish in the first Republican debate hosted by Fox News. When they spoke about the results later when interviewing Mike Huckabee, Sean decided to lie and say the reason Dr. Paul was winning was due to multiple text messaging by Ron Paul Supporters. I tested this after his comment and found you can only vote once from a phone number. In addition after the last debate held in South Carolina Fox stated they would implement a system that would only allow you to text in a vote once. So either my phone is the only one in the country that is not allowed to text more then once to this poll or Mr. Hannity is so biased he can not acknowledge that a large group of folks watching the debates agree with Ron Paul.
It was interesting to watch Sean and Dr. Paul spare about the Iran issue and sadly Sean is poorly informed and his argument was typical of what I have seen in my party. Maybe Sean should take some time off from his shows and learn the history of countries other than the US before he argues about foreign policy. This outlines why folks around the world want to harm Americans. Not for our freedoms but their lack of freedoms due to the corprotocracy.

Oh, FYI Dr. Paul won the Debate hands down according the poll 33%


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