Illegal Wiretapping and reading e-mails

Thomas G. Brown |

I have spoken with a number of people about the Patriot Act and how it intrudes on a citizens right to privacy. Many of these folks stated if you have not done anything wrong you have nothing to hide. These seems rational enough but you have to realize the folks listening and analyzing
this information determine what is considered a threat to our safety. I am reminded of a quote from Ben Franklin “Those who would sacrafice liberty for a little security deserve neither liberty nor security”. This notion that our country will be safer through the sacrifice of our individual civil liberties is ludicrous. Furthermore, how is it that while our lives are open to more surveillance our government is allow operate more and more in secret. The government should be the one that is under scrutiny by the citizens. The folks in congress, the senate, and the President all work for us, we the people ….I’m sure I’ve read that somewhere 🙂 .


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