Airlines and what government can’t do

Thomas G. Brown |

Do you remember when the airlines ran smoothly and you didn’t feel cattle being cramped into a small area for transport. With Home Land Security and the growing nationalization of the air industry as a whole it’s a real wonder that we still get planes to fly anywhere on time. As we approach the end of the year and Congress does us a favor and goes on vacation. Ask yourself, do I want to allow the air industry to crumble even further by having the government put more over site and restrictions on it? This type of central planning didn’t work in Communist Russia and it’s not going to work here. The airline industry is a private industry an as such should be allowed the run in the free market economy that we as Americans thrive on. This will do several things which I will outline below.

The first is that it will take the job of security and place it in the hands of the airlines. As a private industry like any other business the security and safety of it’s customers falls on the individual companies. If they do not succeed in this effort their airline will fold and another will gain market share due to superior performance.
The second thing it will do is that it will reduce if not eliminate the current crisis of plane delays, and cancellations that currently plague the industry. In addition the stripped down service that the industry offers now will be replaced by the luxury service we had in the 60’s, 70’s and early 80’s. Also, the price of air travel will drop due to the options of diffrent carriers, and the competition to have the most efficent airline in the industry.
So let’s take a look at overhaulling the industrty and getting government where it belongs, on the sideline observing.


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