Canidates and their “change ” to improve the Economy

Thomas G. Brown |

What happen to teaching Civics and Economics in the United States at the secondary level? I asked myself this question as I watched a new program last night. The program asked random people what their number one concern was this election cycle. Many said the economy and how one candidate or another would correct the current loss of jobs and the recession George Bush says we are not going through. Many said their candidate had a great plan for creating new jobs. Now last time I checked the creation of jobs was supposed to be done by industry and business through the free market and not by central planning by the government.
Every candidate has promised to bring “change” that will promote a better economic outlook for the future. I am not sure if they really think they can do this or not. My personal feeling is they know they can’t but will make changes no matter what they might do to drag the economy down just so they look like they made an effort. One wants to increase taxes on the so called “rich” but repealing the Bush tax cuts (the only think he did right.
There are three key areas government officials could do to make a positive effect on the economy. First move back to a gold standard. Take the power out of the hands of Congress and the Federal reserve who are responsible for inflation thanks to the great ocean of dollars they pump out each and every day. If the gold standard was implemented the amount of gold would dictate the amount of dollars out on the market. Number two go to a flat tax so that every one pays the same percentage making us all responsible for funding the government. If all citizens paid the same amount (% of salary) more folks would think twice before they support new entitlement programs. The third and the toughest to implement cut the budget of the Federal government. A large amount of taxpayer dollars are wasted every day. I see to places we can cut spending quickly without affecting any entitlements. One the “war on drugs” and the “war on terror”. Both are huge waste of money and the drug war is the top reason for prison overcrowding. Take that money we waste on these “wars” that have no definable enemy and will never end and use them to fix problems with in the US. I could go on and on but I’ll stop so I don’t bore you any further.


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