Thomas G. Brown |

As I suspected Bill O’Reilly interrupted Congressman Paul similar to the way he does to other guests on his show. Dr. Paul tried several times to explain his position on Iraq and Afghanistan and cut off an told to answer a the question directly. The problem is that the questions asked could not be answered in a one or two sentence synopsis. I hate to break it to Bill but before we invaded Iraq there wasn’t a terrorist presence. Also, Iran didn’t feel threatened before this but with our great plan to take it to our “enemies” overseas so we don’t have to fight them at home. How would we like it if China invaded Canada and then called our military a terrorist organization. In addition their navy has amassed a battle fleet of the coast of San Diego. I’m sure we would ramp up our military, increase weapons production, and create more nuclear warheads. So, why are we angered when Iran does the same thing.

As for the Iranian threat to Israel. They have over 300 nuclear weapons to defend against an attack from Iran. I understand the fear of Israel but they have one of the best military s in the world so I’m sure they could fend off any force that attacks. My guess is if they are attacked (which I highly doubt) they will be able to end the conflict on their own and quickly.

Lastly, the argument that a terror group would get it’s hands on the nuclear wepon that Iran is buliding seems a bit naive. Why after years of working to create a weapon to insure protection from attack would they give or sell it to a third party. This makes no sense and is one of the strangest reasons for attacking Iran and staying in Iraq.


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