Don’t Trust Them

Thomas G. Brown |

I have always thought that trusting those who got you into a mess are probably not the best folks for the job of getting you out of this mess. To me it is equal to allowing the fox to guard the hen house after a few go missing. This $700 billion dollar boondoggle is nothing more than socializing the financial industry and giving over more power to the federal government. In addition this will do nothing except push are fiat currency further down the toilet. If we want real change an a better economy we have to do two things. One, abolish the Federal Reserve. This is not a government agency but a private entity that charges the US government the privilege of printing our currency. We should… we must go back to backing our currency with gold or silver. This will protect us from inflation, wasteful spending by government, in addition this will force government federal, state, or local to ask if we want to pay for new services due to to the fact that there would need to be a tax. Article I section says straight out gold and silver are money not a bill created out of debt.
Two, is to allow businesses to fail. Get government out of rewarding failure through a bailout. The Great Depression was prolonged by government intervention. We have spent $450 billion in bailouts so far this year and want to add at least another 700 billion dollars. Let’s boot the folks in congress that vote for this socializations of our economy and elect folks who are going to embrace the constitution.


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