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October 7, 2008

Free Enterprise and Nation Building

Thomas G. Brown |

Why can’t we look at the true problem Americans are facing. We must work to move towards a commodity based currency which would be handled by the treasury. This would ultimately dismantle the fraudulent firm known as the Federal Reserve. Article I section 10 of the Constitution spells out that money should be created by government and not a free enterprise which has zero over site.

As for the requirement of the US to for no other reason that moral go out and put our troops in harms way. When we attempt to nation bill or make a region better we have always cost the tax payers time and money, in addition we take away the ability of the native people to address an correct these issues.

October 3, 2008

Vote no this Election

Thomas G. Brown

I first ask that you vote no for Senator McCain and no for Senator Barack Obama this November. Neither of these folks even cared enough to vote no when it came to the bloated Financial Rescue plan that came up on Wednesday afternoon. Then see how your Congressman and Senators voted and vote no for them if they voted yes for this building. Write your friends let them know that these folks screwed you, your children, and grandchildren out of a future. Websites to check out who voted for this scam are located below.

Let’s vote these folks out. October 3, 2008 September 29, 2008