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December 23, 2008

We can fix this and all other Financial Crisis

Thomas G. Brown |

Glad to see the unconstitutional bailout has been so greatly monitored that no body knows where the money has gone. Let’s give money to banks and other institutions we ….errr the bright bulbs in Congress classified as banks and just trust they will do the right thing. So far we have given them 188 billion in Federal Reserve notes according to a report by the AP.
Why did our government give in to the sky is falling song and dance that the bankers put on to get their hands on tax payer funds. Well there are many theories, Helicopter Ben is an ex chairman of Golman Sachs and wanted to help his friends out. (valid) Also, an the more criminal….yes I said it more criminal than stealing from the public to pay your friends back is the incompetent and just plain dumb law makers. The Get Along Gang in Washington have at best a third graders’ grasp of how a free market economy should work and what monetary policy work time in and time out. This policy if course is sound money in the form of gold and silver. Gold and silver won’t be subject to the para-government scam that is the Federal Reserve. This private banking system prints money out of thin air with nothing backing it except debt. Money created through alchemy is n’t worth spit. Gold and silver are a tried and true unit of value due to the simple fact that the earth determines how much is created. Like land you and more importantly the Fed can not create anymore gold or silver. I suggest folks who want this financial nightmare to end sooner rather than later look at Congressman Ron Paul’s (R-TX) Repeals the Federal Reserve Act. This simple act would go a long way in preventing future bubbles from occurring due to bad money policy.

In closing I want to leave you with an expert from Richard Russell’s website today. Mr. Russell has been watching the markets for over 50 years and has been through all the markets ups and downs since the great depression. ( 858) 454-0481).

Finally, I believe the worth of fiat money will come into suspicion in the years ahead. Fiat money will be blamed for the predicament that the world is in. We never could have produced “bubbles” without fiat money or inflation-minded central banks. The discipline of gold will be missed and rediscovered.

December 22, 2008

Bailout is more like government gang rape

Thomas G. Brown |

The wonderful world of bailouts. Lets forget for a minute the billions of dollars already given away to the auto makers, and banking firms. Lets also forget that the money is being created through the hidden tax of inflation. This bailing out of companies in trouble so that folks wont’ get laid off and will be able to keep their jobs is something that sounds good but is typical thinking of the dumb asses in Washington. The idea that stealing from businesses that are doing well and giving the money to companies that can’t find their asses with both hands and a flashlight is just wrong. It’s wrong from an economic standpoint and it’s wrong from an ethical stand point. On today’s bloomberg site Caroline Baum puts the idea of a bailout in such great terms that I thought I would put a few paragraphs below.

Junior Asks Daddy, Where Do Bailouts Come From: Caroline Baum

Caroline Baum December 22, 2008

“Mrs. Adams talks about fairness a lot in school,” Junior said. “She says it’s not fair for some people to be very rich and others to be very poor, that the government should do something about it.”

“That’s right, son,” Dad said. “The rich should pay more in taxes to reduce the gap between rich and poor, something they call income inequality.”

“You mean, someone should punish them for being rich? That would be like Coach putting me on the bench after hitting that grand-slam home run in the bottom of the fifth in the Little League championships. Why would Coach Perkins want to do that?”

Distinction without Difference

“Er, it’s not the same, Junior.”

“Yeah it is. Didn’t you always teach me to stick up for myself? If Coach Perkins isn’t going to play me, I’m not going to stick around. I’ll go play for the Hornets, where I’ll be rewarded for my effort and talent.”
Maybe junior could go an speak to Paulson and helicopter Ben. Oh what am I saying he’d be talking over their heads. We must change the mindset that government will fix the problems and everything will be ok cause everything works out in the end.

December 16, 2008

Distance growing between physical and spot price of Goldgold

Thomas G. Brown |

In looking at prices quoted on the NYMEX for silver versus the price of physical silver quoted on EBAY there is about a 16.41% premium. The closing price of the NY market the price was $10.75 per ounce. When I took a look at about 30 quotes listed on EBay I saw that the actual asking price for physical silver is listed at $12.86 This difference in my humble opinion is what the real price of silver. In the coming days, weeks, and months ahead compile the physical price versus the NYMEX prices.

December 5, 2008

Prescription for America

Thomas G. Brown |

What if there was a way to root out the disease of corruption in politics and the anemic state of our national debt with a quick shot. Let’s not forget about the gangrenous approach to our WAR ON TERROR. Well, there is in a matter of speaking. On April 22nd 2008 you as Pennsylvanians can help the start our path to recovery by voting for America’s doctor. Who is this man? Well, he’s the only person running for President on the Republican or Democratic ticket that wants to pull our men and women completely out of Iraq. He is not proposing just pulling out “combat” troops and a wait and see on the rest he is talking about pulling all troops out of Iraq, which is the only way Iraq will start to rebuild. We shouldn’t have gone in there and we shouldn’t continue this error in judgment.
As the corruption, one just has to look at the questionable actions of the many candidates now running for office. One is reported to have used city money to pay for security while visiting his mistress. Others flip flop on issues and play the blame game, instead of really tackling the issues they attack each other. Don’t you want someone who follows the laws as prescribed in the Constitution and not another fool who believes he or she is above the law?
As for the National debt, I’d take a look at how much these folks are wasting in campaign money. I mean this is money they had to at least do a little foot work for and they still throw it away. Now image how easy it would be for these candidates to do the same with taxpayer funds they had to do zero work to obtain. I submit this task to you the American people. Please help this pandemic before it cripple and possibly kill our Republic. Help us to restore the Constitution.
At the beginning I said their is a doctor that can correct the ailments of the U.S. currently faces. The man I speak of is Congressman Dr. Ron Paul R -TX. Take a look at his record and stance on issues such as the war, economy, and limited government. A grassroots campaign effort not seen in decades and join the Ron Paul Revolution.