We can fix this and all other Financial Crisis

Thomas G. Brown |

Glad to see the unconstitutional bailout has been so greatly monitored that no body knows where the money has gone. Let’s give money to banks and other institutions we ….errr the bright bulbs in Congress classified as banks and just trust they will do the right thing. So far we have given them 188 billion in Federal Reserve notes according to a report by the AP.
Why did our government give in to the sky is falling song and dance that the bankers put on to get their hands on tax payer funds. Well there are many theories, Helicopter Ben is an ex chairman of Golman Sachs and wanted to help his friends out. (valid) Also, an the more criminal….yes I said it more criminal than stealing from the public to pay your friends back is the incompetent and just plain dumb law makers. The Get Along Gang in Washington have at best a third graders’ grasp of how a free market economy should work and what monetary policy work time in and time out. This policy if course is sound money in the form of gold and silver. Gold and silver won’t be subject to the para-government scam that is the Federal Reserve. This private banking system prints money out of thin air with nothing backing it except debt. Money created through alchemy is n’t worth spit. Gold and silver are a tried and true unit of value due to the simple fact that the earth determines how much is created. Like land you and more importantly the Fed can not create anymore gold or silver. I suggest folks who want this financial nightmare to end sooner rather than later look at Congressman Ron Paul’s (R-TX) Repeals the Federal Reserve Act. This simple act would go a long way in preventing future bubbles from occurring due to bad money policy.

In closing I want to leave you with an expert from Richard Russell’s website today. Mr. Russell has been watching the markets for over 50 years and has been through all the markets ups and downs since the great depression. (www.dowtheoryletters.com 858) 454-0481).

Finally, I believe the worth of fiat money will come into suspicion in the years ahead. Fiat money will be blamed for the predicament that the world is in. We never could have produced “bubbles” without fiat money or inflation-minded central banks. The discipline of gold will be missed and rediscovered.


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