Money Spent on Roads

Thomas G. Brown |

As a new administration takes over the Oval Office and promises of change and a better for tomorrow are still fresh in our memory. Let us look past the parades of Tuesday and the Grand Balls and now get to work on restoring the struggling middle class.
President Obama has his first full day as Commander and Chief and lets hope that he takes a good hard look at the struggling middle class. This is a group that has been hampered with the decrease in buying power while prices of commodities such as food and fuel have increased. Many have faced or will face the possibility of home foreclosure. The economic future does not look bright as we are in the mist of a recession and sadly the early stages of a depression.
One thing the incoming President could do to at least alleviate this burden on the American public would to end the stimulus packages that are being handed out left and right. In addition the proposed infusion of money into the infrastructure flies against logic. If your your in financial straights, your behind on the mortgage, bills are piling up. Would it make much sense to head down to the bank to obtain a loan to reduce your kitchen? Yes much like our roads and bridges your kitchen may need improving but at the end of the day aren’t you worse off financially?


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