Hyper Inflation

We have had lower gasoline prices as well as an ease in the cost of food products. In addition there have been folks from government and also the fine talking heads on the TV pointing to the fall of 2009 as a recovery period. Jim Rodger’s one of the greatest minds in commodities has the best idea to get us out of this mess. The governments plan is to pump more and more cheap money to create or stimulate. Now lets look at this from a logical stand point. If we pump up more money into the economy we will create a glut of funds which will increase commodities prices, food prices, any consumer products that will put more pressure on consumers who’s income will not keep pace. This disparity will make for shortages in all sorts of sectors, oil, food, clothing, the purchasing of anything that is needed day to day life will be so unattainable due to the devalued dollar and the cost of production of these products that shortages are inevitable. As Jim Rodgers said on CNBC a month or so ago the best solution he could come up with if he what tapped to be FED chairman would to abolish the FED and resign.


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