Misdiagnosing the healthcare problem in America

Thomas G. Brown |

Health Care Reform is a great idea. But government control of our health care is not a good idea. Many say that health care is a right not a privilege. That everyone should have adequate health care. This is can not be achieved through the transfer of control to the government. First an foremost the central planning of health care will on increase healthcare inefficiencies. If we do not have a free market system to determine the price of limited resources such as doctors, surgical equipment, hospital beds, and medication than there must be a rationing system designed to distribute them. In addition without a market price there is no incentive to create new medications, treatments, medical equipment, to build new hospitals, or to go to medical school or become a nurse.
The current system is flawed and does need to be fixed but taking money by force from one group to pay for services is not only morally wrong but greatly inefficient. The stat being bounced around by politicians and media that 35 million folks don’t have health insurance seems like a great amount of people being denied health care access when you first look at it. You may automatically picture the most down on their luck folks out of work or critically ill that can’t get insurance. But within the 35 million there are those folks for whatever reason who make enough money to purchase health insurance but choice not to for what ever reason. A real solution to reducing prices is to remove the protections that insurance companies have when it comes to competition. Allow the insurances companies to compete nationwide. If you could get a policy from any state and be covered in any state you would be able to find the best policy for yourself at with the choices you decide. Currently state governments dictate what is contained with in your insurance policy. In addition to purchasing al a carte policies for yourself their would be other avenues that you could follow such as healthcare savings accounts, medical club memberships where you could pay a monthly fee to belong to doctor’s or medical practice group and see your physician anytime. The possibilities would be endless if a true free market was allowed to take place in the medical system.
The third party payer system we have now takes the incentive away from the consumer to (patient) to concern themselves with health care cost. Look at it this way. If you go into a restaurant and purchase each product al a carte vs. a flat all you can eat buffet you’re going to select just what you know you will eat. If you’re at the all you can eat buffet for $5.99 you most likely load a bunch of different foods on your plate and also likely waste a substantial amount of food.
As you can see I don’t think healthcare in the US is perfect and doesn’t need to be fixed. That being said the current solution by Congress is just another drug to mask the symptoms instead of curing the ailment.


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