Greed would fix Woolworth lunch counter problem

The big uproar over Rand Paul and his comments on the Rachel Maddow Show yesterday. Rachel asked Dr. Paul the Republican candidate for US Senate in KY about his thoughts on comments he made earlier in the day on the PBS Radio show All Things Considered. He basically stated that the Civil Rights Act 1964 was principally good in that it ended government (institutional) discrimination but feels that the government has no right to tell a private business how to run and who they have to serve, admit, or hire.

This at first glance sounds bad but you must look at this more closely than just racialism. The government telling you what you can and can’t do with your own private business or club is just bad for the citizenry.

Just look at the Black, Gay, and Hispanic groups to name a few who admit only members who are similar to other members. Should they have to admit white guys, straight people, or other groups? No, and the same should go for all clubs, groups, and businesses that do not receive government funding.

Now the argument is that if we did not have laws then the lunch counters at Woolworth’s would still be segregated today. This would not be the case. Yes, I’m sure there would be the odd dummy who opens up a whites only restaurant or refuse service to gays, or Hispanics, or any other group. But, if we let the market work it’s magic these businesses would go under. No not all of them, but the great majority of them would be gone with in the first few years of opening there doors. This is because greed or more accurately the desire to accumulate wealth would cause most people to decide that every ones money is good and thus end the decision to discriminate.

Think about it if your losing money running your business cause you fail to serve the needs of your possible customer base your going to change your policies pretty quick. If you don’t well someone else will come along and open a similar business that serves everyone and that will be the end of you.


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