Arizona Shootings

Thomas G. Brown |

The shooting yesterday in Arizona that killed Federal Judge John Ro and mortally wounded Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was a tragedy. We should bring the shooter to account for his crimes and enforce the strictest punishment under Arizona law. But, we can not let this be used as a lever to pry guns out of law abiding citizens. While watching the events unfold on CNN I heard over and over again the call to use this event to enforce stricter gun laws on American citizens. This is the exact opposite effect this event should have with the American people.

We cannot allow our rights to defend ourselves from people who would do us harm. If Ms. Gifford had a gun yesterday it most likely would not have stop her from being shot but if others where familiar and comfortable in carrying a firearm they may have stop some of the other shootings from happening. We must use this tragedy as a learning experience that we all are vulnerable to random acts of violence and must take steps to protect ourselves. The first step is not allowing this tragedy to be used to strip us of our second amendment rights to possess and bear arms.

My thoughts go out to the families and I look forward to seeing the man responsible brought to justice.


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