Mike Huckabee on same sex marriage

In an debate he had with Judge Andrew Napolitano on “Freedom Watch” the former Governor of Arkansas Mike Huckabee debate The Defense of Marriage Act. Huckabee was bordering on homophobia when he states we should care what folks down the block lives with and marries. He seems very fearful of letting grown adults decide for themselves what the best family dynamic for themselves be it a man and mother, a women and a women, a man and a woman and another woman. He speaks of smaller government but wants to regulate who marries who and what defines a family. Its not my business and it’s not the governments business we should stay out of peoples lives.
I almost found it amusing that he equated broken homes where a man up and leaves his responsibilities as a father when he gets a woman pregnant to a same sex couple raise a child. He keeps going back to it’s 600 years of history and we have to honor that tradition. Well drowning women believed to be witches was a tradition should we continue that wonderful practice.

This type of mothering by the government shows that both Democrats and Republicans hold an equal share of the blame when it comes to size and cost of our government. How about we focus on the real issues facing this nation such as the 14 trillion dollar hole we are in and the 100,000 dead Iraq civilians blood we have on our hands. The over taxation and regulation of businesses which are shipping middle class jobs overseas due the great scam call the one world economy!


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