Two years later what have you done for us lately Mr. President

Thomas G. Brown |

The President looks like he will start campaign for office as early as today. Obama announce re-election bid as early as Monday

Well a full two years later and where has our country gone since Barack Obama was elected President of the United States. He was not my selection for President as I disagreed with his views on economic issues as well as his group rights versus individual rights. I also didn’t trust that he was going to stick to his foreign policy stance that was to promote peace through non-aggression and all had to cling to when he was inaugurated as the 44th President. Let’s take a look at some of his quotes and statements when he was running for office in 2008.

Fist let’s take a look at how he stood then on the issue of the Unconstitutional detention center know as Camp Delta down at Quantanamo Bay. Here is a statement from a few days before his swearing into office. “We are going to close Guantánamo and we are going to make sure that the procedures we set up are ones that abide by our constitution,” Mr Obama said. “We will send a message to the world that we are serious about our values.” UK Times January 13, 2009

Well this may have been a one time statement but he campaigned on this and to show that here are a few more statements about shutting down the detention Center. But hey here is yet another statement about shutting down Guantanamo.

“We´re going to close Guantanamo…We´re going to lead by example-by not just word but deed. That´s our vision for the future.” Which he stated on the campaign trail American Chronicle

But, his action on this issue is a complete opposite of these statements. In fact just one day ago it was outlined in an LA Times Article
that the President despite statements on the campaign trail has flipped and has decided to keep it open indefinitely. “Last month, President Obama reversed a campaign promise and announced plans to keep prisoners at Guantanamo indefinitely. Congress has blocked moving any prisoners from the Cuba detention center to this country, even for a trial. And the high court’s decision in June 2008 has been rendered all but meaningless because appellate judges ruled these prisoners held without trial had no right to be released.

And now, after the retirement of Justice John Paul Stevens, a series of new appeals seeking the attention of the Supreme Court as soon as Monday may be doomed. It takes five votes to have a majority, and because Justice Elena Kagan has recused herself from these cases, the liberal bloc is not likely to find a fifth vote.”

Well maybe this was something he had no ability to do without Congress maybe we can give him the benefit of the doubt. Let’s look at his record on the War in Iraq. didn’t he state during the campaign that he was “against it from the beginning.”

Here he defines it a little better by stating that combat troops will be out as of the summer of 2110. Well that has gone by now an it is a year later. Guess what we are still there fighting. To not call the folks in Iraq combat troops is like changing the name of a rose. The rose is still the same thing it just goes under a new name.

The clip above has Obama stating the truth that every six months George Bush kept coming out with statements about needing more time and only if we spent more money and blood we would win this war. Well Mr. President it looks like you are using the same tactics that you condemned the previous administration of using so why is it o.k. for for you but not others.

Now lets talk about the present war that he unilaterally took us into with Libya. Here is what a Constitutional Scholar from Cornell University thought about the actions.

Michael Dorf, a constitutional law expert and a professor of law at Cornell University, has said that US President Barack Obama’s decision to take military action in Libya is unconstitutional.

He pointed out that conflict in Libya is unconstitutional because Obama has failed to seek Congressional approval. Under the US constitution, Congressional approval is required for declarations of war.

U.N. Security Council Resolution 1973 made the Libya action valid under international law, but compliance with international law does not automatically ensure compliance with the Constitution.

“Although the President was not required to seek a formal declaration of war, the assignment of powers in the Constitution suggests that some form of legislative consent was necessary,” said Dorf.

He further said that accoring to many observers the unilateral military action by Obama is a necessary accommodation to the demands for quick, decisive action in the field of international relations.

But the Congress clearly thinks otherwise as reflected in the War Powers Resolution of 1973. It makes clear that except in cases of an attack on the U.S. or its armed forces, the President must seek prior approval from Congress, Dorf added. (ANI)

sify news

Here is what Congressman and hopfully Presidental candidate Ron Paul (TX-R) stated on an interview late last month with Elliot Spitzer when asked to “explain why you don’t think what’s going on in Libya, or, for that matter, the rest of North Africa is any of our business.” According to Paul: “I don’t think they are up front with this. It is said that we are going there for humanitarian reasons. But have you ever noticed around the world, there are a lot of humanitarian problems. One, in gross abuse of rights, was in Rwanda. We didn’t care too much about that.

There’s abuse of demonstrators all through the Middle East right now. But — it’s being done by governments that we endorse. There are friendly dictators. So, I think they are being disingenuous when they say this is a mission for humanitarianism. It’s probably more related to oil than anything else.”

I can go on further but you get my point that our current President is no less a war hawk then our previous ones. So when you see Obama start his campaign for the 2012 election please keep in mind that he has failed on his mission of shutting down the war in Iraq, our Detention Centers and promoting peace through diplomacy.


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