Obama Should Model JFK

John F. Kennedy gave a great speech on job growth, reducing unemployment and decreasing the national deficit. In 1962 President Kennedy gave this great speech to the Economic Club of New York on how to help create an atmosphere that would help promote growth without the use of the Federal Reserve and it’s printing press. He pointed out that lower tax rates on corporations and individuals which allows those in middle an upper income brackets which would increase purchasing of goods and services and therefore a demand for goods and services and job creation.

He points out that this would help get unemployment of those who are able bodied and willing to work a job which would be virtually zero unemployment. Sadly last week’s speech by President Obama was the exact opposite.

Part 1:

Part II:

If you watched this painful excuse for a speech last week points out the opposite that wealthier folks and the middle class have to give more to solve deficit problem. I ask where did this guy get his economic theories a cracker jack box. President Obama then goes on the state that in a depression and war we as a country much like a family going through a hard time use credit to pay for these times. A little credit card debt is not bad thing but when we take on more and more it becomes a burden he states. Then why is he pushing for an increase on the line of credit we have on the Country Credit Card i.e. raising the debt ceiling.

He goes on to state we need to tax more to pay of our debts to help businesses to expand and hire more workers and reduce unemployment. This is the exact opposite of what John Kennedy a President that got many folks to register as a Democrat stated in his speech about protecting the economy and insuring the country’s prosperity.

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