End our war on the Economy

Thomas G. Brown |

Our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have done nothing to make us safer. The opposite it most likely the case we have created resentment for our intervention in countries throughout the world. In addition we have the blood of our citizens as well as others on our hands. According to the Unknown News website919,967 soldiers, contractors, civilians, and journalist have been killed in both wars since 2001. This is more that we lost in the Civil war. All this carnage has lead to more attacks on our soldiers by folks who want nothing else than us to simply leave their countries.

If this number does not shock you take a look at the cost of Afghanistan and Iraq which has added $1,205,835,500,000 to our debt according to the Cost of War website. We are also bombing Syria, Pakistan, and Libya on a daily basis. This is money we don’t have and can not afford to spend. This money does not include the cost of rebuilding these countries after we destroy them. We can not change hearts and minds through force and violence. We need to enact a foreign policy that does not push for nation building and preemptive wars. Our nation should instead promote freedom and liberty through ideas and through free trade. By free trade I am referring to actual free trade to sell and purchase goods and services by individuals and companies across boards without the need for permission from international groups and treaties. This is how to promote a safer world for everyone not just Americans.

We should also look at closing the 900 plus military bases around the world. Many of which are not needed anymore. Take the military bases in Japan, Germany and South Korea to name a few. We have bases we haven’t had a military conflict in since the 1950’s. Why can’t we shut these bases down and bring the soldiers home this will go a long way in unwinding the cost of the Empire we have set up around the world. I hear folks say we need these bases to protect us abroad and secure our interests. How about we worry a little more about protecting our national’s boarders and less on the Iraq/Iran boarders.

While we are on the subject of nation building we should also address the wasted money we spend on foreign aide. We give billions each year to hundreds of nations in the name of promoting democracies and goodwill around the world. For the most part we prop up dictators such as in Egypt, Syria, Libya, Saudi Arabia and many other countries. This only suppresses the will of the citizens of these sovereign nations and creates resentment which manifests in blow back against the Untied States. In addition we more often than not supply aide to opposing sides. Take the Palestinians and Israel, we have given hundreds of billions to each side which basically allows them to further arm themselves and continue the violent hostility towards one another.

In short all of this is taking money the tax payers don’t have and wasting it on missions doomed to fail all except those profiting from the military industrial complex and those select despots we see as favorable to our agenda.


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