June 26, 2011

Thomas G. Brown |

Libya and our Imperial President

The term imperial president was first used by author Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr. as the title of his 1972 book The Imperial Presidency which pointed out since World War II that the Executive Powers have grown beyond their Constitutional powers. The Current President is the poster child of the title “Imperial President”. Bush lied to use to go to War in Iraq in 2004 and everyone thought that was the worst thing a President has ever done. Well, I guess Mr. Obama wanted to show us he could one up his neoconservative brethren with the “Non-War” we have going on it Libya. If you have been following any of the mainstream media you should know by now that President Obama sent our troops into battle on March 18, 2010 when we started to bomb the city of Tripoli through the United Nations. This was all done and is continued without any deference given to the Constitution and what it says about the war powers and the President. In Article I section 8 the Constitution clearly states the Congress has the power “To declare War, grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal, and make rules concerning Captures on Land and Water;”.

But he is not alone it the rise of the King in the United States. The Congress should shoulder an equal blame as they have given up their powers to address this issue and stop the war and reprimand the President for his illegal actions. Last week Congress voted to condem the actions of the President’s actions in entering the war in Libya without consulting with the Congress and then turned around and voted to continue to fund the war anyway. They where upset about the not consulting on this issue, WTF? These Congressmen should be angry and outraged that this President has taking their Constitutional power of declaring war away from them. But instead they pass a weak condemnation vote and end up funding the illegal actions instead. . This is the vote that defeated H.R. 2278 which would cut off funding for the Libyan conflict. An Aye vote is a vote to restore the Congressional Powers and cut funding a Nye is to allow the President to do what ever he wants regardless of the law.


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