End the School Property Tax

Thomas G. Brown |

For those of you who have purchased a home and think you own it think again.  Even if you have paid cash or have paid off your mortgage you must realize you do not actually own your home or the land it is built upon.  This is due to a government mandated rent you most pay to your county, township, and school district.  What is this rent I speak of?  Why it’s the property tax that you must pay year after year to fund the ever more expensive and inefficient schools, and governments. Why must we pay a tribute to government in order to stay in our homes?  Before property taxes homes where easily past down from generation to generation and a person may die in the same home that their grandparents where born.  Not so today, sadly when folks hit retirement age they usually “downsize” to lower expenses in  retirement.  On major expenses for these seniors is the yearly property tax.

With the impending explosion of the baby boomers retiring over the next 20 years it would be worth taking a look at this issue as it will be a determining factor.  Many will have to continue working or go back to work just to keep up with this unjust continual tax on your home and land.  You are not forced to pay a yearly tax on anything else you own.  You car is not taxed on a yearly basis just because you own it (you have to pay a registration fee but that is if you wish to drive it still unfair).  So you may ask how will we fund our precious government schools?  Well if I had my way all schools would be private and run on free market principles so that the best teachers and schools made the most money and those who just wanted to show up for a pay check would be shown the door.  But this will most likely take a while for folks to warm up to so in the mean time why not remove the property tax for a better method a sale tax.  Below I explain the process.

The way we pay for schools is completely out dated. In today’s society folks move in and out of areas on an average of 11.7 in their lifetimes according to the US Census. So the old way of funding is unfair as the parents who send their children to the public schools most likely have only lived in the area for 6 years and then move on to another area for work.  This leaves the permanent residents many who are retired or do not have school aged children footing the bill for schools that they do not use.

So what is the solution to funding schools if we get rid of the property tax?  We we already have a state sales tax so why not use this method to pay for public schools?  The infrastructure is already in  place as we now collect a 6% sales taxes on all products sold in the state (exemptions would be for food,WIC, Food stamps, prescription drugs, healthcare services) .  The funds from the sales tax would be placed in a dedicated fund that could not be touched but for the explicit use to fund schools in the state.  All schools would receive the same per student funding which would be recalculated each year.  These funds along with gambling revenue would put all schools, rural, urban, poor, and rich on an equal financial playing field. This idea is not my own but one purposed by Pennsylvania Taxpayers Cyber Coalition (PTCC). The key to this plan is that if enacted it must have a companion bill to amend the PA Constitution to eliminate the school property tax an prohibit future legislatures from re-enacting it.  As an idea this is the most sensible that has been brought up in getting rid of the property tax once and for all.


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