The Real Rick Perry

Rick Perry was the Lieutenant Governor of Texas under George Bush in 1998 and then became governor of the state in 2000 when Bush resigned to become President. He ran for Governor and won most recently in 2010. He promised the great folks in Texas that he would serve his entire term if re-elected. Well I guess that is lie number one for Mr. Perry.
Perry comes off as a good ol’boy who believes in the 10th amendment and protecting individual liberties and rights. He even stated this at a Tea Party event in 2009 when he was running for governor. Well if this where so why is he attempting to run for the head of the very Federal government he railed against in 2009?

His stance on individual rights is not any better. Take a look at his attempt force girls in Texas to take a less then safe vaccines to prevent cervical cancer. This sounds like a laudable goal but this vaccine is to protect against HPV which is sexually transmitted and the girls that would be forced to take this drug are not at the age you would expect a lot if any sexual activity (11-14). If a parent feels that their daughter would benefit from the vaccine they can take her to the doctor and have it administered. But a state forcing the issue is an affront to personal choices and liberty. In addition to the civil liberties problems there is also the issues related to the safety of the vaccine. In an article written on which points out that over 8,000 adverse reactions have been reported as well as 48 deaths as of 2009.  So again Mr. Perry has chosen top down government knows best over allowing people to decided what is best for them and their families.

Well he may be wrong on these issues but he was great for the state of Texas and helped cut the budget and put them on a sound financial footing.  Wrong, According to the Economic Policy Journal  The lone star state is in some dire straights in terms of it’s fiscal stability.  “Depending how it is calculated, the debt of the state of Texas could be considered as high as $269 billion, which on a per citizen basis is $10,644 and is higher than even the $9,931 per citizen debt in the state of California.  In 2000, when Perry first became governor, total spending by the state of Texas was $49 billion. At the end of 2010, it was $90 billion.”

Well what about the job growth he has created in Texas?  Should we be amazed by how he grew jobs in a down economy?  No, Pro Libertate points out that the jobs that have beeno created are a result of counterfeit money labeled Federal stimulus. These dig ditches and then fill them out jobs have cost US taxpayers between $130,000 and a million dollars a job plus interest on the debt used to create this money.

So he hasn’t been on honest on these issues but he is a true small government Republican at least that is true right?  Sorry to say it again (no I’m not) your wrong.  Slippery Mr. Perry was the Texas head of the Al Gore campaign in 1988 and his carbon credits/global warming scam.  You can see this as it has been implemented by going to the Texas Forest Service website where they promote this scheme of trading credits on the Chicago Climate Exchange which is owned by Al Gore and friends.  In addition to his link to Al Gore, Mr. Perry was a Democrat until 1989 sound like another fellow we know who flipped between the parties in the past few years.  I’ll give you a hint Arlen Specter.  So with all that I put forth to you today do you still think Rick Perry is a good choice for President of the United States?  I personally would not want a man of this character running this country at this time in history.  If I am wrong please tell me.


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