Stealing money from your Children

The next time someone states that they deserve their Social Security or Medicare benefits let them know they are stealing from their children and grandchildren. This is exactly what this system does. If gives out money and medical coverage to seniors with money that is borrowed and the payments are passed onto future generations i.e. children and grandchildren.
Nobody ever looks at the issue of “entitlements” in this light. Many say, “well I payed into the program and deserve to get out what I paid into it. While they are correct that they paid into the programs they are wrong that the money is still there. As soon as the money came in it went right back out to pay for wars, government projects for districts to “create” make work jobs all with this money as well as the printing press that created a 20 year boom cycle. Very few spoke up and said anything about the way the money was wasted or an accounting of where this would lead long term.
Now when we have to make hard choices many are for saying they want to cut the budget but when we discuss the major cost associated with continuing the social security and Medicare scheme no one wants to make cuts. I am not saying we should cut it off all at once. But we should seriously look progressively reducing dependency and eventually ending the programs all together as they are failures and create nothing but debt.
Bringing our troops home from Iraq, Afghanistan, and ending the escalating war in Libya could cut over a trillion dollars in wasted money right there. In addition we can cut all foreign aid which would cut another 700 billion dollars which would add up to two trillion dollars which could go towards paying for the folks who are depending on Medicare and Social Security and give us time to wind down the program
So when your neighbor or friend says “Well I earned that Social Security and Medicare benefits” by paying for them. Let them know that your children and theirs are paying for their “benefits” plus interest!


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