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July 17, 2010

The First for Steps in our fight to win back the Republic

Thomas G. Brown |

Government from Federal all the way down to the local level has been transformed from the elected officials working for us to us working for them. We need to send a message this election season that it is not about Republican or Democrat, Conservative or Liberal, it is about Insiders vs “We the People”. We must first ans foremost start by understanding our Constitutional duty to be informed on what are the President, Senators, Congressman, Governors, State Assembly, County and Township elected officials.

The first step is to send a message in 2010 by throwing out the incumbents that have betrayed our trust and sold or futures down the river. I’m talking about those folks who took away our natural right to make choices about our health care decisions, who decided to take tax payer money and give it to their friends in the banking, automotive industry. The people who decided to increase borrowing and spending to get us out of a financial catastrophe that was created by government borrowing and spending. The crooks who decided passed the Financial Reform Act that gives more power to the unconstitutional Federal Reserve who are in charge of fiat money backed with nothing but a hope and a prayer. The vermin who push for billions upon billions government contracts for projects that don’t need to be done or have be poorly managed. To the President and his willful Congress who allowed him to shut down private businesses who provide energy to the American people due to their incompetence in maintaining adequate safety standards. Don’t forget the 20% unemployment they gave us do to increased regulations and taxes not just from this administration but those folks who have been doing this for decades,

Thank these folks for rhe things they have done buy giving them a well deserved retirement. These folks and there pals before them have slow chipped away at our civic liberties and theft of our labor through taxes, registration and licensing fees, fines, and on and on. This November vote NO to the establishment.

The second thing we need to do is to follow those folks who we elect in there place. Constantly monitor their voting record and what are they trying to get past us. “Trust but verify” as Regan said. Well, I say verify and then trust…we have done it the other way for way to long. Your job as a good citizen doesn’t stop at the ballot box. You must make sure these folks are follow the US Constitution as well as your State Constitution. And if the Federal government is not obeying let them know by getting your State officials to act o n your behalf to rectify this wrong. If they don’t act them move on down the line. Even if it is your township supervisor telling County,State, and Federal officials NO! we will not stand for this affront to our rights. We need to start some where and them build upon that. As we gain a footing elected officials who have been feeling the same way you do but have been silent will act.

Third, make sure you push your newly elected officials to implement bills that Audit the Federal Reserve, that require Congress to read bills before they are pasted. More importantly make sure the bills are constitutional, and have them repeal unconstitutional laws. If they don’t again get rid of them as soon as you can. If we can folks who don’t follow the Constitution every election cycle those who run for office will get the message.

Fourth, and this is probably most important. Start locating people who know the Constitution is the law of the land and is not some living document to be interpreted differently depending on the times, but a legal contract that means the same today as it did when it was written. Who knows that person may be the same one you see in the mirror every morning when you brush your teeth.

I know there are many other things we can do but these are what I believe are our first steps on this long road to gut us back to what our founder’s intended. If we fail because we didn’t give our best effort then we have ourselves to blame. Best wishes and LET’S WIN THIS WAR!

December 5, 2008

Prescription for America

Thomas G. Brown |

What if there was a way to root out the disease of corruption in politics and the anemic state of our national debt with a quick shot. Let’s not forget about the gangrenous approach to our WAR ON TERROR. Well, there is in a matter of speaking. On April 22nd 2008 you as Pennsylvanians can help the start our path to recovery by voting for America’s doctor. Who is this man? Well, he’s the only person running for President on the Republican or Democratic ticket that wants to pull our men and women completely out of Iraq. He is not proposing just pulling out “combat” troops and a wait and see on the rest he is talking about pulling all troops out of Iraq, which is the only way Iraq will start to rebuild. We shouldn’t have gone in there and we shouldn’t continue this error in judgment.
As the corruption, one just has to look at the questionable actions of the many candidates now running for office. One is reported to have used city money to pay for security while visiting his mistress. Others flip flop on issues and play the blame game, instead of really tackling the issues they attack each other. Don’t you want someone who follows the laws as prescribed in the Constitution and not another fool who believes he or she is above the law?
As for the National debt, I’d take a look at how much these folks are wasting in campaign money. I mean this is money they had to at least do a little foot work for and they still throw it away. Now image how easy it would be for these candidates to do the same with taxpayer funds they had to do zero work to obtain. I submit this task to you the American people. Please help this pandemic before it cripple and possibly kill our Republic. Help us to restore the Constitution.
At the beginning I said their is a doctor that can correct the ailments of the U.S. currently faces. The man I speak of is Congressman Dr. Ron Paul R -TX. Take a look at his record and stance on issues such as the war, economy, and limited government. A grassroots campaign effort not seen in decades and join the Ron Paul Revolution.